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E-mail newsletters that offer
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Dealer and distributor networks are
supported with effective marketing
materials developed by
Productive Knowledge Inc.


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Build strong customer value
propositions with powerful
brand development from
Productive Knowledge.


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People go to websites for content.
Does yours deliver? PKI will
give you a content-rich site that will
work hard for your company.


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Inbound Marketing?

Productive Knowledge can give
more power to your optimized website
through inbound marketing strategies
that drive traffic and foster leads.


Food Processing Equipment Manufacturer Retains PKI

July 15, 2014 — Food processing equipment manufacturer Hughes Equipment Company of Columbus, Wis., has retained Productive Knowledge Inc. for strategic business and marketing planning, incuding marketing communications, brand development, product planning and launch activities, public relations, online visibility and website development.

Make sure your brand, website, marketing and public relations are delivering for your business. Contact Productive Knowledge at 262-783-1800.


Marketing Communications, Strategic Planning, Public Relations, Brand Development & Website Development

Productive Knowledge Inc. in Brookfield, metro Milwaukee, Wis., helps companies efficiently reach targeted audiences and enhance customer value propositions through their deep business experience and understanding, integrated marketing communications programs and public relations built and executed from well-defined strategies. Our brand development and electronic marketing, combining strategic website development, search engine optimization, social media and inbound marketing, successfully builds online communities for customers and is based on a deep expertise in the development of quality content – today's marketing currency.



'Responsive' Websites Provide Optimal Viewing on Each Device

PKI's Website as Viewed on a Smartphone
responsive websites

Provide the optimal website viewing experience for your clients, prospects and business partners with a "responsive" website.

Viewing Automatically Changes

Responsive websites are designed to change in appearance, depending on what type of device is used to view the site: a desktop computer, a small laptop or tablet, or a smartphone. In each case, viewing is automatically optimized for the device.

No Need for Separate Mobile Website

Responsive site design eliminates the need to design and deploy a separtate version of a website for smartphones and other small mobile devices.

Give it a Try

The Productive Knowledge website is a responsive website. If you are viewing this site on a desktop, drag the lower right corner of the browser to make the viewing area smaller; you will see the site change in appearance to show what it looks like on various devices. All the content is retained; it's just repositioned.

Contact Us to Learn More

Contact Productive Knowledge to gain the benefits and cost efficiencies of a responsive website. Call 262-783-1800 or e-mail contact@productiveknowledge.com.

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